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Congress to fight election with honesty, demands slapping mechanism to be added on EVM for their voters

30, Nov 2013 By Ashish Kedia

Amid allegations of corruption and price rise Congress has finally decided to contest this election on the basis of truth and honesty.

Henceforth congress leaders have demanded to get a mechanism attached over EVM through which any person hitting the button of their party’s symbol Hand gets a tight slap immediately. They want it to be an honest reminder of what that person would be getting all around for five years.


Kapil Sibal welcomes the move, says it will do zero loss

Kapil sibbal has welcomed the move and said only congress has the power to do such thing. He also confirmed that the proposal has been made in consultation to him and properly fits on his zero loss theory.

“See there is hardly any person who is going to vote for congress and we can only rely on some of our traditional voters who are very accustomed of being beaten again and again. So a slap cannot be a deterrent to them, in fact it will give them immediately what they actually want, so this will be like a reward to them”, he ends with a skirmish grin which makes his white eyebrows raise and almost intrude in his bald head.

BJP looks divided over the issue

On the other hand a large section of BJP has criticized this move. They have demanded that at least this honest experiment be done with honesty. They have advocated the demand of a robot instead of mere slapping hand that is at least capable of attempt to murder of the voter. But BJP eventually seemed divided over this issue.

Many angry leaders of the party who were planning to vote for congress have raised voice against this demand. One of the veteran leader who is also little angry for being sidelined was also heard saying that in this age it would be hard for him to bear the slap but he was still thinking to take the risk, but if the robot is brought, he has to forcibly opt for NOTA.

Election Commission starts preparation to implement it manually

Election commission is looking to implement it manually and is searching for people who could genuinely hit congress voters a hard slap. They have posted their personals outside Rahul Gandhi rally’s and are registering people from there to post as Slap Officers. Though low turnout at rally is proving a problem but still 100% registration by people returning back is making up for it.