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Congress sues Anil Kapoor for misrepresentation of Gandhi family in TV series '24'

30, Oct 2013 By newsux

Mumbai. Congress party has lodged a case of defamation against the Bollywood actor turned Hollywood actor turned TV actor, Anil Kapoor, the producer of TV series ’24’ for alleged misrepresentation of the Gandhi family in his show.

Reluctant smile.
Reluctant smile.

The show has received an overwhelming response from the audiences across the country since it was first aired a few weeks ago. The viewers could not help but notice the uncanny resemblance of the Singhania family to the Gandhi family and the social media has been abuzz regarding these observations ever since the show was introduced.

However, all this while, the producer and the director of the show had maintained that the characters were fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead was purely coincidental. Apparently, this disclaimer did not go well with the Congress party and it filed a case of defamation against Anil Kapoor, who is also playing the lead in the show.

According to our sources, Mr. Digvijay Singh was the first to express his displeasure on the portrayal of the Gandhi family. While he was impressed with the character of ‘KK’ which resembles Digvijay himself and the characters of Vikrant, Ms. Singhania (mother) and Ms. Singhania (sister) which resemble Vadra, Sonia G and Priyanka G respectively, Digvijay was flabbergasted on observing the character of Aditya Singhania which he believes is an insane misrepresentation of Rahul G.

Digvijay claims that none of the qualities that Aditya Singhania shows to possess in the show, like ethics, confidence, intelligence and ability to stand up against his own mother, are distantly possessed by Rahul G in real life. Digvijay claims that the character of Aditya who is slated to be the prime minister of the country in the show is raising the bar for Rahul G and others in the race for the PMship and it is quite inappropriate especially in this season of elections.

Going by the uncanny resemblance, there is some degree of turmoil in the BJP as well who feel that the character of Prithvi is close to Varun G and he should not be portrayed on the wrong side.

There have been reports that some senior members of the BJP have suggested Anil Kapoor to create a sketch where a character resembling Narendra Modi is introduced in the show to make it a level playing field. BJP also alleges that the recent speeches about assassinations by Rahul G were also inspired from the show where the running sketch is the assassination plot of Aditya.

However, our sources tell us that even when Rahul watched the show and was asked if something seems familiar, he only said that Anil Kapoor was playing a character similar to Mr. India, one of his favorite films.

We will have to wait to see how Anil Kapoor reacts to the allegations or if he yields to the political pressure created on him by both parties and some changes are introduced to the show.