Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Congress still relies on lawyer-politicians

12, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Rahul Gandhi needs to secure a law degree for taking his party successfully in the next parliamentary polls. There is enough time for reading the law books in order to analyse political peculiarities. If Narendra Modi looks up to the year of 2022, he should try to see the year of 2019. He should accept with all the goodness that his mother’s political adviser secured the Upper House seat just because of the party’s lawyer-politician. The Congress party’s fate still hangs safe in the hands of its lawyer-politicians. The ablest legal luminaries helped the Congress immensely in defending the cause of independence and presently it has been proved by the sharpness of the Gujarat MLA Shaktisinh Gohil who made the victory shot for the desperate Congress camp.

It was sheer luck for the Congress candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections that the blunder done by the two rebels brought confident Patel to emerge victorious in the battle of ballots. In indigenous traditions, a newly-wed bride is never allowed to show her face deliberately. But the two rebels demonstrated the face of the ballots to the opposition party’s leaders. This brought all the uproar and it was midnight past the proper action was initiated by the Election Commission of India.

The proverbial decision Doodh Ka Doodh Aur Paani Ka Paani materialised though the ruling party ponders over approaching the Supreme Court. He had fought several tricky cases for his party as a lawyer. This legal knowledge helped him how to make a forceful strategy for being the victor in the Rajya Sabha elections. It was he who first sought cancellation of the two votes cast by the rebels namely Raghvji Patel and Bhola Gohil. The country’s peculiar politics can be run ably and efficiently by the elected representatives with the legal minds.