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Congress spokesperson resigns after getting frustrated repeating “we accept this defeat with humility”

20, Oct 2014 By dasu

It has been a difficult time for grand old congress party, election defeat is not the only reason. Every other day they have to change their spokespersons as old veterans are tired of saying only one line “we accept this defeat with humility and we have to introspect”.

Sanjay Jha
“Yes, it’s true”

First of all, now a days very few people are ready to identify themselves as congress party members to avoid the embarrassment of getting humiliated in public places. As a congress spokesperson you have to go to more than two dozen news channels and have to face over aggressive news anchors who will be baying for your party’s blood by saying “nation wants to know today/tonight”.

Here you are, party high command has given you instruction till counting started say, we are hopeful of a good performance, after mid-way through the counting say, Arnub please do not conclude, this is not final tally and before counting is over try to escape from the news studios. If you cannot, just repeat the famous line “we accept this defeat with humility and we have to introspect”.

It is far easier to be spokesperson of smaller parties! MNS spokesperson was saying we are new to politics, look at the performance of congress which is more than 125 years old. As teachers like grilling back benchers, news anchors feel very happy to grill poor chaps from grand old party.

Rahul Gandhi called all new spokespersons to motivate them. He mentioned how he repeated the same line on RTI and woman empowerment for one and half hour and nothing happened to him. He won the election and still the VP of the party! He also mentioned, do you know the news anchor promoted that as “interview of the century” and till today it gets maximum hit from netizens (who wants to do spoof on politicians). Even smart techies who in their free time never watched saas bahu serials, watched that interview in youtube. Mind you till today there is discussion on my interview, recently I saw one qtiyapa video with SRK they referred to that interview.

Rahul Gandhi has assured everyone that these “Bure Din” for Congress will not last forever. Modiji (he hopes will not do U-turns like Kejriwal) has often told there is no role for 75+ age people in politics except the role of Marg Darshak. In some years’ time he will upgrade himself to that role after the eternal Marg Darshak Mr Advani relinquishes the post. Then congress will make a grand comeback like Kohli did vs WI yesterday!