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Congress slams BJP of playing Majority Card in Delhi assembly

10, Sep 2014 By fakeingit

New Delhi: Soon after news of AAP’s sting putting BJP under limelight, Congress alleged BJP of playing Majority Card as Congress MLAs were not approached for government formation given that Congress was a minority party at state as well as national level. (thanks to LS polls)

Rahul Ghandhi kept on saying that BJP is trying to consolidate it’s own vote bank along with eating major vote bank of AAP. Mr Ghandhi also alleged BJP for not trading horses with Congress making some contribution to it’s party fund, that might have been used for upliftment of Congress’s economical stature which is doomed because of much celebrated reservation and economist leader.

As Mr.Ghandhi too now somewhat believes that “Poverty is not actually a state of mind but about Monetary things also”  claimed Digvijay Singh. BJP should uphold it’s “सबका साथ सबका विकास” stand and include Congress also in the Process of ‘Horse Trading’ so that equal participation of politically deprived parties of the nation can be ensured.

“That would contribute to true development and financial inclusion of politically and socially deprived,” said DigVijay Singh.

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