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Congress selling the crackers at dirt-cheap prices

22, Oct 2014 By pdeept

After losing every elections starting since May 2014, Congress party has never got an opportunity to burst crackers. Apparently, Congress is planning to put up a stall across the country to sell all those crackers that they have accumulated over the year. The Party workers masked themselves as the Cracker selling agents and approaching the buyers.

A Congress worker who do not wished to be named said that the rooms in their party office were full of Crackscrackers. The local block congress leaders have ordered them to sell all those crackers and collect some money, since, they are also lacking the party funds.

An agitated Congress supporter and part time party worker Hastakumar Gandhi (27) told Faking News that he is planning to put up at least 5 stalls. He also told that, his leaders have directed him to not to disclose the source of their crackers. Hastakumar Gandhi has also planned to come up with an idea called AICC, which means All Indian Congress Crackers Cleanup. He is confident that, by next elections, they are able to sell all the leftovers and thereby supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign of CongressMukt Swachha Bharat. 

Faking News contacted Rahul Gandhi for his comments about this new venture of Congress party. Apparently Faking News did not relate the answers of Mr. Gandhi to their questions. Few Q&A’s with RG.

FN: So, Rahul, we heard that AICC has ventured into Crackers business?

RG: You see, we want to empower women, bring in lot of youngster into the system.

FN: That’s fine Mr. Gandhi, tell us about this Cracker business of your party?

RG: “Cracker Business ko India me Kaun Laya?” 😀

FN: Err… Do you like bursting crackers ?

RG: Let me ask you the same question. Go ahead, Give it a try.. give it a try!! 😀

FN: Mr. Gandhi, of course I like it. How about you?

RG: Crackers is in your shirts, in your pants.. also in your cap! 😀

FN: So, You are not bothered about the results of recent elections?

RG: Results is a state of mind! 😀

FN: Finally, Mr. Rahul, how do you plan to counter BJP’s success in consecutive elections?

RG: “Maine suna hai ki, virodh paksh ke neta Narendra Modiji ne kaha vo Hindustan ko CongressMukt Gandagi se mukt karte hai. Main unka poora saath doonga” 😀

FN: Thank you for your time Mr. Rahul!

(FN leaves the premise)

RG: Mumma, where is my Flower “Pot”! 😀

After the interview, we have seen Sanjay Jha, Americai Narayanan and Mani Shankar Iyer exclaimed in unision “HELL YEAH!!”