Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Congress sees oddity into BJP's work

08, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In olden days the Kings used to increase their sway over larger areas. In the democracy, the same trend seems to continue. The main motive of the political parties remains an extension of its rule in various states. This is done through the battle of ballots The BJP is keen to increase its political base in every state and establish itself like Congress party. When the Congress was in power at the Centre, the BJP condemned it as a corrupt government. Now, the Congress is in the opposition and leaves no time in condemning the ruling stronger BJP.

Sharply hitting out at the BJP, the Congress leaders said that this was a government of slogans and publicity….on TV they looked like heroes but on the ground, they were zero. Which party is devoted to the cause of the countrymen? The Congress party ruled for so many years but the poverty and unemployment were not contained. Then how could the BJP bring sufficient progress and massive development so early?  Manmohan Singh said the country’s economic growth has slowed down sharply. Private sector investment has collapsed and the economy is running on just one engine of public spending. For BJP this economist is zilch.

We are coming across BJP’s self-interested trend of its expansionist policy in the states. What they are insisting now twirl insignificantly in front of those very assertions promised to the public. That’s why people are disenchanted as they have begun to realise oddity. It is only due to this approach, a swing seems to be imminent politically. The voters appear to be discovering an option of a valuable politics. It points up to the snake leaving its natural skin on a particular occasion and emerging with its traits intact. The Congress party’s instant frustration reduces the moment it secures a solid issue to flay the party at the helms of affairs. This trend is unending in our democratic country.