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Congress reveals the playing XI that participated against Modi

01, Jul 2014 By saneamit

After the record breaking performance in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress’ top brass met at the Herald office last week. It was a meeting organized particularly to rejuvenate RaGa.

Presumably everyone thought that he was depressed due to the party’s dismal performance in the elections. But what we found was contrary to all the assumptions.

A small whisper from sobbing RaGa made it all clear – “Italy ke bure din aa gaye” which was followed by examples justifying the same. Firstly, it was Congress under Italian leadership going down and then their favorite team Italy also going down. The former couldn’t manage to get minimum number of seats for sitting in opposition and the latter losing out even before the per-quarters.

Apparently, Sonia Gandhi then took out a paper displaying their playing XI to make her young son, aged 44, guilt free and put the blame on the big wigs. Surprisingly apart from the Anti-Modi starting XI, some real heavy weights, over-qualified leaders were made to sit on bench. Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar (now friends thanks to Modi), Azam Khan (the true secularist), Mayawati (the true face of Dalits) etc. etc. formed that elite list.

Here is an image displaying the high profile XI.

Playing Eleven
“Secularism” was the eleventh player.