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Congress reveals comeback plan, Foreigners applying for Indian Visa must pass 'How well do you know Sachin' test

11, Jul 2014 By Intellectual CrazY

It may be only 1 month after the 2014 general elections, but the Congress party of India is already planning ahead for 2019 elections.

In the latest press release, President Sonia Gandhi has announced that if Congress is voted to power, it will be made mandatory for every foreigner applying for Indian Visa to Pass the ‘ How well do you know Sachin ‘ test.

“We were kept in dark for a long time. We always thought Poverty, Safety, Corruption, Population are the factors people are mostly concerned about, but sudden rage on Social Media directed towards Maria Sharapova finally opened our eyes,” she told Faking News.

“We are planning ahead. We are also discussing rules under which permanent citizenship will be provided. It will be mandatory to know about 10 Indian Cricket players, and if the person is planning to stay in South, He/She must have read the biography of The Rajnikant,” Congress leader Digivjay Singh said.

But critics are criticizing Congress for revealing the 2019 elections strategy so early. ” They should have saved it for the last,” Rahul kumar a political expert told Faking News.

Meanwhile, Sachin fans all over India have welcomed the decision, but have not promised to vote congress.