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Congress renamed Progress, gets a new logo

28, Nov 2013 By sabyasachisarangi

In a bid to revive it’s chances in 2014 general elections, Indian National Congress has been renamed “Progress”.

Party's new symbol.
Party’s new symbol.

Calling the new name a new sunshine, party president Sonia Gandhi said in a press conference, the name suggested by Rahul Gandhi was much-needed. With this the party also gets its new logo,two open hands with the party name in center. Rahul Gandhi who was also present in the conference said, “we wanted a name that is synonym to our association with other key members of UPA, hence Progress”.

Different wings of congress would henceforth be called,

Youth wing: Indian Youth Progress

Women’s wing: Mahila Progress

Labor wing: Indian National Trade Union Progress

Reacting to the news, Rajnath Singh said, it’s too late for them to pronounce “Progress”. People are clear about their intentions now. Surprisingly Narendra Modi laughed off the news saying “Kauva chahe jitna Ganga nahale, paap thode hin na dhulega(even if the crow bathes in Ganga, it won’t wash it’s sins)”.

If  sources are to be believed, Congress put this up as an online poll on their homepage and allowed people to choose the name and logo of their choice. The open hands and Progress garnered 98% vote with people explaining it to be the symbol of begging  for mercy.