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Congress promises to rename Mizoram to Mizorome

25, Aug 2014 By nandakumar

Caught in a bind between the Supreme Court and the Congress party over the sacking of Governors, the BJP think tank has formulated  an out of the hat solution to this vexed issue.

While debates are raging over violation of Constitutional norms and throttling of Democratic principles, the BJP hopes to address both issues with a single major decision.

“Yes, we can”

The BJP government has decided that the post of Governor of Mizoram will be kept vacant permanently. Gaining from the experience of Purushothaman and Shankaranarayanan who chose to resign instead of accepting the transfer to Mizoram, the Government has decided that no phone calls or withdrawal of President’s pleasure is required to sack Governors. A transfer order to Mizoram will do the trick  and will not attract any criticism of violating  norms and principles!!

Since there is a remote possibility of a hard boiled politician like Beniwal may accept the transfer to Mizoram, the Government is mulling over two options.

The first option is to reclaim 3700SQ.kms of land gifted to China and form a new state in the reclaimed territory. The other option is to carve out a new state from the disputed area between Nagaland and Assam. This will also solve the ongoing dispute between Assam and Nagaland.

By resorting  to one of the options, a standby vacancy will be available in addition to Mizoram for transferring Governors.

The Congress reaction was predictable. Shankaranarayanan said that he would prefer to Govern God’s own country ( which by coincidence happens to be his native place) instead of a non secular state which carries the name ‘RAM’.

The Congress think tank of Manish, Kapil, Salman and Antony commented that a true and secular Congressman will never ever agree to Govern a ’RAM’ land. They have promised to include in their next manifesto that MIZORAM will be renamed as MIZOROME.

By doing this  they will not only strengthen  their secular and dynastic credentials but also indulge in the same tactic of transferring BJP appointed Governors to MIZOROME.

They also made a fervent plea that Beniwal should be conferred  KHEL Ratna if not Bharat Ratna for bravely accepting the transfer to Mizoram.