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Congress ‘praises’ the performance of Modi government in its first 50 days, says ‘acche din a̅a rahe hain’

17, Jul 2014 By trishanku

The Congress vice President Mr Rahul Gandhi, in a tongue-in-cheek statement ‘praised’ the performance of the Modi government in its first 50 days in office.

“The price rise that took place during the first 100 days of both UPA 1 and UPA2 governments, has not only been achieved within just 50 days, but has actually been bettered, by the Modi government,” he said smilingly.

“NDA government has even surpassed us in the number of controversies. Really fast work, no policy paralysis -great performance indeed! For once the Congress party agrees with BJP; ‘acche din a̅ rahe hain’; and thank Modiji for the same.”

Mr. Lalu Yadav was quick to mock even at this satirical ‘praise’ : “Rahul baba kis ba̅t par Modiji to dhanyava̅d de rahe hain!… mahanga̅ye̅ dekh man main laddo̅ pho̅t rahe hain….. state election main bhala̅ hoga̅ ? …. Rahulji, Congress to rejected ma̅l hai, duba̅ra nahin bikega!!”