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Congress plans secular government even if they lose elections

07, Apr 2014 By rishi123

After deeply meditating on secularism, Empress of India, Sonia Gandhi has come up with a great idea for saving the secular part of India.

In an open meeting held at 10 Janpath, the Mecca/Jerusalem/(not Varanasi) of secularism, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prince Rahul Gandhi passed a resolution creating a future government that will serve all the minorities. This will protect the minorities in case the communal forces come to power under the leadership of Modi.

In a press statement the next day, the Spokesperson of Congress Digvijaya Singh had this to say: ” Now that the non-secular India seems to have chosen the communal forces, we have taken up the mantle of protecting the minorities. We swear in the name of any secular god that no one will be given a chance to change the state of minorities as they are now.”

To a question from the Media as to how he intends to bring in education to a large number of minorities who still suffer from poverty and unemployment, Digvijaya Singh, in an angry tone swore that the media person was indeed an agent of the RSS, who does not want the minorities to remain in the pleasant state that Congress had envisioned for them. After blasting the media person, he went on to say that, like the CM of Karnataka giving rice at Re.1 a kilo for the people below poverty line, the Congress had plans to give rice at Re.1 a kilo to BML(Below Majority Line) card holders.

In this way, there was no need for things such as education and employment. They can spend their time thinking and thanking us for the sacrifices we made.

When another question was asked as to what will happen to the unity of India if there are two governments, he said this:

“What do you mean two governments? There will be only one government. Ours. The communal forces can not govern. Modi will simply dictate to the rest of the country. That is why we are here to protect the minorities.”

This correspondent also came to know from sources that other Secular leaders such as Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawathi and Nitish kumar and Lalu prasad are also organising Future governments to take care of Yadav community, dalits and others in order to protect them from any change.