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Congress MPs demand reservation

23, Jun 2014 By praprapra

Since there are reservations everywhere in India and most are coming to opinion that they should slowly be abolished to bring in better talent, one new development has caught capital by storm.

No we are not talking about cyclone or power cuts. We are talking of reservations and demand by congress Congress has been doling out soaps in form of reservations till those naughty judges of supreme court spoiled everything. Congress still has some state governments under its rule but on national level their habit of doling out reservations has had a last sigh. So they switched sides!

Now they want reservation. Faking news reporters in parliament on rare uneventful day, heard this new demand. Since no other news media people were interested in what congressman talk now a days, we got their full attention.

First we met “adarsh’ representative of Maharashtra, Mr. Ashok Chavan. “ You see, in Maharashtra we are in process of giving reservations to Marathas, Muslims, Shepards, civil contractors, buildors…” “ Buildors?” we interjected as it is habit of media people who watch news hour. “ Hmmm… I mean buildors and contractors from certain castes!!” irritated MP continued, “ we thought this noble scheme should be brought to Parliament. We as a ruling party have been giving this dole and soap to Indian population for so many years, now it is time for payback!”

“ We thought MP s serve people without any selfish motive”. We were now defiant for a change.

“ Off course,off course” Scindia rushed in. “ you see, all classes of people should benefit from reservations. And we MP are also common people of India, right? So we are too eligible for them”

“What kind of reservations…” we were not so defiant any more.

“ All downtrodden minorities of India should get it, right?” now it was time for Gulam Nabi Azad to come in. They were so keen to talk to media which is becoming so rare now a days. “ and those with lack of opportunities too.”

“ But why MP s?”

“ no, no.. not all MP s as such. We are demanding reservation for congress party MP s!”


“ Why not? If muslims and marathas can get them in Maharashtra” Chavan again…” who constitute much larger percentage of population, why not congress with just 44 MP which is much lower than 10 %? We all want to empower the oppressed browbeaten minorities and congress is undoubtedly at the pits of the pile!” And since even this much number is not guaranteed next time, since new govt is doing what they are not supposed to do”…

“ You mean work and take decisions?’ Our reporter was now getting clearer picture.

“Off course. So since we may not get even these many numbers, there should be a minority reservations, which allows no work but guaranteed jobs, for us as former rulers who have become now a minority !”

“ You were not rulers and being MP is not a job!!!”….

But our words were drowned in loud cry in a corner of gallery of Parliament where in middle of a group , someone was throwing tantrums… “ Those naughty uncles will not even make me leader of opposition!!! So mean!”