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Congress looks out for PM candidate, Advani applies

14, Dec 2013 By Ashish Kedia

In a recent development in the capital, veteran BJP leader Mr. L.K. Advani has written a letter to Congress honcho Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, expressing his desire to become the prime minister candidate for the congress. He has also conveyed his displeasure to Mrs. Gandhi for ignoring him till now.

By end of the day, it’s chair that matters.

Faking News has got access to some parts of the letter and going by them the letter seems to be full of emotional anecdotes. At one point Mr. Advani writes,” I and you have known each other from very long time, I was heart-broken when you selected Manmohan in 2004 but still kept quiet thinking it would have been tough for you to announce the opposing candidate who lost, as the Prime Minister. Indeed, if you would have asked me even once, I would have figured out some way for that.”

He further writes, “I remember the day when you visited my home and my daughter cooked very homely food for you. Remember how much you loved the pasta and that cheese burst pizza which you ate till the last drop of the cheese. It’s high time to pay for that debt of cheese with this cheej.”

When contacted for reaction over this, many leaders showed feelings varying from surprise to appreciation. Mulayam Singh said, “Sampadaik Shatiyon Ka Hum Birodh Karte Hain, Advani Ji ka Faisila samaandanak hai.”(We are against communal forces, Advani ji’s decision is honorable).

Digvijay said, “I feel good that it’s Rahul Ji’s Vision that has brought him here.” Salman Khurshid was also escalated and added, ” Sonia is the mother of Not Paapu but also Daddu, she is mother of all.”

It would be now good to see what transpires next though for now we leave you with the end transcript of the letter, Advani ji writes, “I have now cut myself off all the public life. I keep myself busy with the Manmohan Singh’s old office chair that you have gifted me last birthday. Now it’s also getting older. I now really need a real one. Say my hello to Rahul baba, I don’t know why people criticize him so much, anyways if you will make me PM I will teach him to takeout yatras also. He can then clearly take out a daadi-paapa ki kahanaiya yatra with escape velocity of Jupiter. I hope you will make me PM nominee for you party.

If you reject me please inform me so that I can get angry with you, indeed it is getting boring for me to be angry for the same reason for so long a time.”