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Congress leaders looking for employment

01, Mar 2014 By abhi549

New Delhi: With various opinion polls showing huge defeat to Congress, it looks like Congress leaders have also realized the inevitable defeat in upcoming elections and have started looking for other employment opportunities.

Sushil Kumar Shinde
“Thanks for everything”

Faking news contacted the Hod of linguistic department of Saraswati Shishu Mandir who gave his views on the career path Congress leaders are going to pursue after elections.

Salman Khursid will become a sexologist and will specialize in curing impotency and premature ejaculation (stations ke paas ke deewaron par Kursid clinic ke ad dikhenge).

Shushil kumar shinde has send his resume to Chinese home ministry for his limited experience but strong determination to crush social media.

Jairam Ramesh is planning to teach for IIT JEE coaching.  According to sources, he already has offer from Kansal classes, Kota. He got this idea from some of IIT Roorkee students who didn’t get job during campus placements.

Manish Tewari will become a business consultant as he can make pie charts, bar diagrams, do an Analytical Hierarchy Process exercise, prepare matrices etc. for saying the obvious and often redundant things.

Manishankar aiyaar wanted to become a distributor of Chai wala licenses but his affection for Rahul baba overpowered his wishes and he will become Rahul Baba’s assistant in his following endeavor:

Rahul Gandhi will become a gym instructor of women as he has realized this is the quickest way to empower women.

PS: Kapil sibbal is unable to decide anything as the thought of loosing to Ashutosh is unbearable and according to his close associates he may go to depression if it comes true.