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Congress leader reaveals why they distributed "Raga milk" against "Namo Chai"

25, Apr 2014 By Aditya Nema

Recently a rather Rahulwadi Congress leader revealed why they had selected milk to compete with the then launched “Namo Tea” .  When a reporter posed the question, the leader was himself taking sips of milk from a RaGa paper cup. After he finished, he stated, “Well, it was needed to be done. After the huge success of Namo Chai, we needed something to compete it. So, a decision was taken to call a meeting with Rahul Ji to discuss the issue.

It was a long meeting and since Rahul Baba emphasized quite strongly on Candies, and Chhota Bheem action figures, most of the time was consumed to convince him that the product must be a beverage. Mostly all of us wanted to settle on coffee as the common man loves luxuries he can’t afford.  But then Rahul Baba stated that milk should be used. He informed us that milk is complete nutrition and told us how Horlicks and Bournvita are part of a balanced diet. He also lectured about how it could empower  women and make the system more transparent by giving political power to 125 crore people.”

“That opened our eyes” said a worker next to him, “And we immediately ordered a Milk tanker and a Bournvita truck. Baba was also very happy to see the free toys that came with Bournvita and appreciated our good work.”

The leader refused to answer any other question as they raced off to offer more people milk.

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