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Congress launches "Right to State'hood " keeping an eye on 2014 lok sabha elections

31, Jul 2013 By Ashok vishnoi

After Right to information, Right to education, Right to food which have failed to lift the congress hopes in upcoming Lok Sabha election 2014. Congress today after launching new state of Telangana announced it was actively trying to pass an ordinance for “Right to Statehood”. The All India congress committee yesterday met in Delhi to discuss on the ordinance. According to our sources in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi finally took an initiative when he said this is the only way to counter Modi popularity. Congress spokesperson also said they will also seek support of regional parties on the ordinance.

Congress will project this in their manifestos as this is the dream of Rahul Gandhi to fulfill the dream of all regional leaders and help realize their demands for statehood (becoming CM ). As soon as leaders of Saurashtra state from Maharashtra, Bodoland state from Assam, Harit Pradesh from Uttar Pradesh, Gorkhaland from West Bengal and many others heard of the ordinance they expressed their happiness and support to congress . Rahul gandhi received many appreciation for finally coming out of hibernation and leading congress from front in the divide and rule policy of colonial rule.

Finally , congress leaders are feeling united to fight BJP (no need to ) and take the nation’s focus away from Corruption and economic misrule . Congress leaders now believes that they can think to put a brave front in the next elections and dream towards UPA 3.