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Congress inspired from Modi-Sakshi Maharaj on issue of Kashmiri Pandits

04, May 2015 By kishor

Delhi: Faking News special correspondent (FSC) had a secret meeting with Congress spokesperson (CSP) regarding currently burning issue of Kashmiri Pandit’s return to Valley.

FSC – So Mr. XXX do you see you can gain a political mileage on the burning Kashmiri Pandit’s issue? CSP-  See even we like our Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.. and he has done excellent work and created a great nation like india. He is reason why India is always claimed to be a developing country in last 60 years (oops can you erase this & say it’s fastest developing country?)

FSC –  Sir we are discussing about Kashmiri Pandit and not family. Can you get out of mindset of always appraising first family? CSP – See again I am telling you it is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who has solved the issue .. (goes on and on)

FSC –  &*&*(&*(&*(&*&(*&*&*(&*(&@*(#&@#*&@* again repeats the question.. CSP – Ok , I got your point, see our Sonia Madam likes democracy a lot. See, we all appointed her as Congress chief democratically.. and even we will keep appointing the family members as chief forever through democratically…

FSC– &*&*(&*(&*(&*&(*&*&*(&*(&@*(#&@#*&@* again repeats the question CSP – See it’s Rahul Gandhi who will need to take decision on this, I think he will need another sabbatical on this .. may be in Switzerland this time as beauty of Kashmir is quite resemblance to that of Switzerland.. and his home town Italy is also near by naa.. so all the taxpayers money will be fully utilized when he stays in 7 start resort in Switzerland thinking about the issue of Kashmiri Pandits. After all he is best thinker/philosopher/politician and best person this India has got.

FSC – &*&*(&*(&*(&*&(*&*&*(&*(&@*(#&@#*&@* frustratingly again repeats the question. CSP – Are you serious?? Are you serious?? Are you serious?? Are you serious??

FSC – &*&*(&*(&*(&*&(*&*&*(&*(&@*(#&@#*&@* yes you a***h**le I am damn serious..  getting ready with stone on the road to hit CSP. CSP – ok let me tell you what our supreme madam has told us.. it’s very secret don’t tell that I rashid alwi told this to you OK?? .. see when Hindu extremists Sakshi Maharaj speaks Modi remains silent so that he does not loose on minority votes..  So we will also have learnt from this and will adopt the same policy of remaining silent on Kashmiri Pandit issues so that we will not loose minority votes.. got it? ha ha ha ha ha ha

FSC  – But don’t you think this is about life of people which were ruined in 1990’s by islam extremists in the valley? CSP – Ohh dear Are you serious?? see we are spoke person and we are not allowed to think.. we only speak what our madam & Baba thinks OK?

FSC – So what does Baba thinks? CSP  – I told you naa.. he will be going to Switzerland on 60 days trip now as his last 59 days trip does seems to be earning good result so we want more.. and yeah we will pay Media house more this time to get his ranking better and better .. ROFL .. ha ha ha

FSC – Thank you Mr. XXX for speaking on behalf of some one. . CSP  – It’s not some one you *(&&*&*( it’s our supreme Madam and Baba.. be very careful other wise you and your van will not be visible in this planet.. our Baba recently find out way to reach Jupiter velocity and we may add you in that velocity and send to Jupiter understand??

FSC – ****ML..  leaves..

Meanwhile RaGa has declared that he will not go to Switzerland as claimed by spokes person but instead will go to GARLAND, Texas in US to discuss religious intolerance happening in Modi’s India.