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Congress HQ hacked, computers, databases and network compromised

19, Apr 2014 By jainankit9

April 15 was blackout day for members of congress party when an congress supporter turned anti-congress hacked into congress databases, email accounts & LAN network.


Whole LAN network was blocked and internet access was diverted to custom made DNS, which caused panic among members. Chaman bhai first witnessed this hack when he was googling “sizzling babes” and was continuously redirected to Bhajan video sites.

This hack took place at congress HQ at Delhi . All computers and Databases were compromised during this hack. A anti-congress hacktivist group claims responsibility for this hack.

Our reporter talked to one of the member of the hacktivist group on IRC chat-room. Binnu a.k.a P@nt3r21 told us that all the members are converted anti-congress and support no other political party. Their conversion took place in 2013 end when they saw PM still in silence after all controversies taking place like Cease-Fire violation, Nirbhaya, salary Hike and monthly picnic issues for congress members etc.

Binnu claimed that they have all databases related to party members, user accounts (including top officials), party fund records and Private Party Organizers.

The group used Trojan dropper malware binded with Ragini MMS and Sonia Gandhi’s young age pics which were viral over social networks (fail proof). Binnu denied the method of introduction but he has told, that virus is still active and is spreading with every pen-drive share and LAN access.

Below are few disclosures from the hack.

There are 200 computers connected to main LAN network

10 for Graphics and Promotion (Password: password).

100 for social media promotions (found 99.22GB of female pics downloaded from all over the world, spoof videos)(Password: congress).

50 for office work (found pappu, manmohan, modi, abki bar modi sarkaar, ye bhi hai jokes, bhojpuri, 80’s, 90’s, item number mp3’s and videos, daily soap and tarak mehta ka oolta chasma episodes) (No Password).

2 for Sonia Gandhi. 1 for office use (found nothing), one personal (Found regular internet history to European and American Dating sites, Active facebook profile named Princess Angel, 23 F, NYK, HDD still in de-encryption) (Password: iam@barbI.E).

3 for Rahul Gandhi. 1 for office use, 1 for gaming (flash, doremon, Chota Bheem, Sponge Bob, Cars etc) and 1 dedicated to storage (CN, Disney and Hungama episodes, videos on women empowerment, tutorials on “how to say things in 100 different ways”) (Passwords: iluvumoma, iloveyoumommie2, mommymommy<3). 1 for ManMohan Singh (found tutorials on “how to speak basic+advance+expert”, “boosting economy”, “economy related pdf’s”, “how to be your boss’s boss”, Gurdass Maan mp3’s). 34 for random usages & backups.

And for security every computer had chota bheem wallpaper set as default in-order to protect from viruses.

Binnu has arranged a personal chat session with Bidu_bh@I, one of top officials of the group. Let’s see what Bidu_bh@i brings for us. Stay tuned to faking news for more news related to the hack and Bidu_bh@i’s chat session.