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Congress hits upon a new scheme to guarantee sex

22, Dec 2013 By Mukesh Kamath

New Delhi. Congress has hit upon a novel scheme as an antidote to its dwindling electoral fortunes. In what could be similar to rubbing salt to the injuries of the common man, congress might try a new scheme to corner votes of the sexually unsatisfied. Unconfirmed reports suggest that congress is readying a scheme to be christened as “Sanjay Gandhi National Sex Guarantee Scheme(SGNSGS)”.

While the nitty-gritty’s of the scheme are being worked out, it is unclear how the sexually unsatisfied among the population would be identified and benefited.

She could be the brand ambassador.
She could be the brand ambassador.

It may be noted that due to rising incidences of female foeticide using prenatal diagnosis and sex determination tests, the sex ratio has dwindled. Nearly 10-15 percent of the people are not able to find matches and marry. There are millions of unmarried men and women due to a variety of reasons and the scheme intends to benefit such people. With this, the congress has once again fallen back on its tested vote bank politics and the policy of divide and rule.

Opinion polls suggest that the congress vote share is trailing that of BJP by nearly 10 percent and if votes of the sexually deprived minority go to the party it has better prospects of crossing the halfway mark on its own.

While the bare necessities of roti, kapda and makan were slogans of the twentieth century, the new millennium has thrown newer challenges at the governments of the day. Congress seems to have come full circle on the policy front since the days of emergency and forced sterilizations.

While the government wants to keep the people happy and has started several schemes to benefit people, it remains to be seen if this new inducement will translate into votes.