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Congress goes professional, invites PwC to help select the PM candidate

16, Sep 2013 By trishanku

New Delhi. Not to be left behind BJP in declaring its PM candidate for the next general elections, Congress party has invited the famous international consultancy organization Pricewaterhouse Coopers to help the party select its nominee.

Would it be as disastrous as Satyam Scam is the question that everybody seems to be asking?

The party spokesperson Ms R. Chaudhary told the correspondents that Congress Vice President has desired that a MCQ type question paper should be prepared with at least 500 questions on various important issues like caste dynamics, secular facade, various shades of communalism; tax havens, foreign investments and banking; CAD, devaluation, inflation, debts ; industrial policy and party funding; Gandhi family, freedom struggle, 2G, 3G , 4G and CWG; fake encounters, poverty, electricity problems and farmers’ suicides in Gujarat; rural development and PMEGP, industrial development and inclusive growth in J&K ; cognizable and non-cognizable corruption, ideal governance in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; rules for appointment of Directors of CBI, IB, NIA and CAG, CVC, etc., discretionary powers of ministers, types of village foods and huts, Italian and European cuisine foreign policies, US visa rules, etc.

The PwC will give model answers to the Congress President who would examine the answer sheets and take a final call on the nominee.

Only those Congress leaders would be eligible to appear in the tests who have either been Member of Parliament or the Chief Minister of a state for at least two terms. A question bank would be put on the website of the congress party on Oct 1 and the test would be held on October 2. The Congress vice president would hold coaching classes every week from September 20, to help the candidates prepare for the test.

When asked why they chose PwC which has tarnished its reputation in the Satyam scam, the spokesperson clarified that PwC had no role in the scam. It was just an auditor, and unlike CAG, it tried to help the company management as long as it could. Its experience with such a big company which collapsed due to financial bungling has given them hands on experience to set really tricky questions checking the ability of the candidates to prevent similar collapse of Indian economy.

“Unlike BJP where so much behind the scenes drama took place, Congress wants to set an example by objectively choosing the most deserving person as the PM candidate of the party” the spokesperson proudly declared.