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Congress does a Sharapova, denies Narendra Modi's existence

11, Jul 2014 By siddharth21

In a startling development, Congress did a Sharapova on Friday and pronounced Narendra Modi an imaginary figure. It, however, stopped short of calling him completely non-existent.

“We hereby announce that there is nothing called Narendra Modi” asserted an erstwhile political heavyweight who lost his deposit in the recently concluded general elections. In an official press released, he stated “The phenomenon of Narendra Modi is largely imaginary. Some call him him PM, others call him wave. The existence is disputable and a creation of media, just like the aliens and UFOs”.

When privately asked about the rationale behind such bizarre statements, his fellow party colleague explained on the condition of anonymity “The way cricket fans riposted after the otherwise innocent remarks by Russian Tennis star Maria Sharapova regarding her unacquaintedness with Sachin Tendulkar has caught us by surprise.

Going on similar lines and given Modi’s huge fan following, any deprecatory remark against him is bound to attract hysterical response from his frenzied supporters. At this stage, we need people to at least talk about us. We are already suffering from identity crises as we are neither opposition (legally speaking) nor ruling. What we are then? In politics, no publicity is bad publicity”.

Reportedly, taking a clue from the recent Sharapova- Tendulkar fiasco and the Congress’ stratagem, several leaders of the leaders of various political parties, who had slipped into oblivion after the results of the general elections, are strategizing their comeback in the national politics in similar fashion.

BJP has already hit back saying that Narendra Modi is as real as MPPEB scam 2G scam and commonwealth scam.

Meanwhile, the allegations levied by the Congress regarding the inexistence of Narendra Modi are not entirely unsubstantiated. They have been buttressed by some unassailable arguments. The press release has corroborated the allegations by stating “The post of Prime Minister was largely imaginary for a decade. Manmohan Singh’s actual existence was evinced only when his own media advisor contented that he was indeed there as PM, even if a dummy for someone else. Modi is already known to conduct rallies via hologram. Who knows, the real Modi himself might be a hologram”.

While the government is yet to issue a clarification on this matter, AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal has extended his support to the congress on this matter and has reportedly requested Ministry of Urban Development to rent out 7 RCR to him till a real PM is installed, with a threat of going on Dharna if his demands are not met.