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Congress demands stripping Sachin of Bharat Ratna

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai. Congress President Mr. Janardhan Chandurkar has demanded that Sachin Tendulkar be stripped of the Bharat Ratna for his allegiance to Modi. He fired this salvo in a press conference this morning in Mumbai. “Sachin has been awarded the Bharat Ratna when Congress is the ruling party. But Sachin has betrayed us by associating with Mr. Modi. Therefore he should surrender the award or it should be forcefully taken back from him’, fumed Mr. Chandurkar.

Sachin as usual unaffected.

When the perplexed media asked Mr. Chandurkar to explain, he said “Sachin is supporting communal forces by siding with Modi. We wanted to make Sachin the Sports Minister of India, but now all that will not happen”.

“But Sir”, asked a journalist, “Sachin has not even been given the award. The announcement has just been made. And Sir, why do you say Sachin supports Modi? And what if he supports Mr. Modi?”

“I know the announcement has been made just now. So, as soon as Sachin is actually given the award in a ceremony, we will take it away from him. Sachin and Modi are close to each other. Modi watches Sachin’s matches and even visits his home. And then Sachin too is fond of Modi. What other evidence do you need to say Sachin is communal.”

“Mr. Chandurkar”, asked another reporter, “All Indians watch Sachin play. What is wrong with that? You do it too!”

“But Sachin too visits Modi often. Isn’t that proof enough?”

“Sir, Sachin lives in Mumbai, that too when he is not playing cricket. And Modi is the CM in Gujarat. How can he be visiting Modi often? Even if he does, now, can that be called communal?”

“See…you media men do not understand anything. Arey baba, I am talking about Sachin’s second cousin Modi, who lives in Mumbai. Now…if Sachin visits someone whose name is same as that of this communal BJP leader, doesn’t that amount to supporting BJP? Is it not breach of trust by Sachin?”

“Sir, I can’t believe this. Just because his cousin has the same name as Narendra Modi, how can you equate it to supporting BJP? No one will accept this, including your own party. Sir, is there any other credible support to your arguement?”

“You people are never satisfied. I knew this. I have come prepared. I have a clinching evidence. It is that Sachin has a lotus pond in his compound. Lotuses have started blooming there since when Narendra Modi was declared as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. What more explanation do you need?”

The journalists packed up and left the venue.

We have to now wait and see what will happen to Prof. C N R Rao.