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Congress delegation taking flying lessons as poll rout reconciliatory measures

06, Sep 2014 By ashishnayan

Tallahassee,Florida,US: In what could be called as a conscious decision to revamp the political functioning of the party, the Indian National Congress has sent all leaders to a pilot-training programme at a flying school in Florida and this degree would be conferred to all successful candidates by the Yale University, which has been awarding Indian politicians with academic degrees in the past.

The decision was taken at the Congress Working Committee meeting last month where Mr. Sachin Pilot was appointed the leader of the delegation. The decision was taken amidst serious speculations that the Congress leaders seemed to have lost a sense of direction after the recent poll rout.

Congress core group meeting
Off to Florida.

Senior leader Ms. Ambika Soni, who is training with the delegation went far ahead in praise for the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who is reportedly taking extra learning sessions beyond the stated curriculum in order to bolster his abilities. She was quoted as saying, “You cannot pass judgements on a person just because he dozes off in the Parliament. He actually speaks a lot in the cockpit about his poor-sympathetic mindset and how he wishes to transform India through the law of gravitation. Being an enthusiastic learner as he is, he even tried to escape the earth’s gravitation in one training session trying to catch up with that of Jupiter. Our Vice President actually takes the maximum flying hours”.

Rahul Gandhi was, for a change, available for comment, “This is the first time I am taking something very seriously in life. I genuinely feel very empowered now. After this flying session, I wish to fly to my constituency whenever I wish, with Priyanka, Robert Jiju and Momma seated behind, all by myself.”

The Yale university administration is investigating Ms. Ambika’s claim of Rahul equalizing Jupiter’s escape velocity and has announced that if found authentic, they would declare a special ‘Rahul Gandhi Scholarship on Gravitational Physics’ for meritorious students in the field of Astrophysics.

The session seems to have drawn great commendation back in India with ex-PM Sri Manmohan Singh and ex-UPA Minister Sri Natwar Singh also trying to register for the online correspondence version of the programme. Mr. Manish Tewari, the Congress spokesperson was quoted as saying, “The plethora of experience that our party would imbibe from this session would only ameliorate our image in India’s polity.”

Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, a BJP leader, denied replying to this verbose remark and instead tweeted, “I somehow don’t have words to reply to Mr.Tewari’s comment.” #GRERevisionsneeded .

Surprisingly, in another development within the political circles, this training session has drawn praise from the BJP with Yale University alumnus Mrs. Smriti Irani complimenting the Congress for choosing Yale as the ultimate destination to find themselves back.

P.S. The author is an academic, non-political person who has a deep regard for all politicians 🙂

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