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Congress confesses to bribing opposition parties, Sonia Gandhi explains

03, Dec 2013 By MRP

In a shocking revelation, a spokesperson of the Congress confessed that his party has been bribing, or funding as some call it, various opposition parties for the last few months.

Manmohan Singh
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Reacting to questions by the media on the sting operation that showed a Congress leader paying money to a BJP leader, the spokesperson said, “Yes it is true. We have bribed and funded the opposition parties. It is sad that we had to do this. It has been going on for some time now and it is unfortunate that it has now become public knowledge”.

A more shocking matter unfolded when a journalist asked a question. “Sir, why would Congress want to bribe the opposition parties? It is unbelievable. Why would any party want to fund the opponents?” To which the spokesperson answered, “This has been done in order to make the opposition parties raise issues of coal scam, 2G spectrum allocation, and others. Actually, there is no corruption or favouritism and there have been no scams. We have in fact given these ideas to the opposition and asked them to make a hue and cry over them. We wanted them to accuse the PM”.

“Oh my God! Why on earth did you do that? Does this have the consent of the top leadership?”

“Of course, Madam Soniaji herself is behind this. It was at her behest that we approached various opposition parties and requested them to do this”. “But why?”

“Because we wanted Manmohan Singhji to open his mouth. Madam got worried that the PM has stopped speaking and we had to get him to speak. It was as if somebody had pressed a mute button on him and lost the battery”.

On being contacted over phone by a correspondent, Sonia Gandhi, who was in Rae Bareli at that time had this to say. “We were concerned about Manmohan’s well being. He wouldn’t speak at all, we don’t know for what reason. Even when we asked opposition to come up with allegations of coal scam, 2G, KG, etc., – of course we paid them for that –  Manmohanji did not react at all. We then asked them to directly accuse him, which they did. But Manmohan would not budge.”

The correspondent interrupted Sonia Gandhi, “Madam, the PM did speak about the scams.”

Madam replied, “Yes, he mumbled something but no one could make out what he said. I then asked Rahul to ridicule the ordinance on convicted MPs so that Manmohan takes it personally. Rahul did a good job. He said the ordinance should be thrown into the dust bin. It worked and Manmohan said a few words defending himself, though it was different from what I had asked him say”.

“But then Madam, your government had to actually withdraw the ordinance”. “Unfortunately yes. That is where the opposition betrayed us. Though they knew my game plan and though we paid them heavily, they took advantage of the situation and really made a serious issue out of it. See, they also lost some MPs because of this. And for us, we lost some MPs, we lost lot of money, we lost the ordinance and also the PM went back to silent mode.”

“So Madam, what is going to be your next course of action?” “We will ask the opposition to accuse Manmohan of being soft on Pakistan because he was born there. And may be claim that he is a Pakistani citizen”.

The reporter corrected her, “Good idea! But madam, you yourself were born in Italy and it may back fire on you. Moreover, the BJP would not do this because Mr. Advani too was born in Pakistan. Though other parties may agree. Anyway, what if that doesn’t work too?”

“Yes, you are right. I don’t want to get into trouble. Well, if he does not speak in the next couple of days, I will announce that he will be our PM candidate for the third term. Then he will not only open his mouth, but will run away screaming.”