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Congress clarifies “chopping” remark- says politician was making reference to “Right to non-veg” bill

31, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

“Get some sense of humour guys,” Sibal urged.

Delhi: A day after Congress suspended one of its candidates in Uttar Pradesh, Imran Maksood, for threatening to “chop” Narendra Modi, the party clarified that the remark was in fact made in jest and the entire video clip was just light hearted banter. “This is Uttar Pradesh,” senior Congress Party leader Kapil Sibal said. “As anybody who has watched Gangs of Wasseypur would know, such things happen in Uttar Pradesh.”

When this reporter pointed out that Wasseypur was actually in Jharkhand, Sibal grew agitated. “Don’t you question my general knowledge!” he said, wagging his finger. “The media needs to learn to stop making issues out of non-issues,” he continued angrily. “All Maksood has said that he will chop Narendra Modi. We have discovered that Narendra Modi is the name of his pet murgi. So when he said he was going to chop Narendra Modi, he actually meant he was going to chop his murgi and feed all the people in his constituency.”

“This is an inspiring act of self sacrifice,” Sibal added. “In fact, I was just speaking to Rahulji in the morning that we should get inspired by this and launch a Rajeev Gandhi Right to Murga Tangdee Yojna. But Rahulji has put all decisions on hold till he catches Krishh 3 on TV.”