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Congress changes its election symbol

25, Nov 2013 By nautankisala

After the dismal performance of Rahul Gandhi at the last Delhi rally, an emergency meeting of the Congress (non) working committee was called.

There after series of discussions they came to a conclusion that the voters had stopped connecting with them in general. After the recent ten years of congress rule, the people of India are finding it strange to relate to their previous avatar constituting the Gandhis and Nehrus of yore.

“We now realize we are an evolving party. A party full of new ideas and yes especially youth of our country. Keeping the whole persona of the party in mind and also the current flavour of the elections the symbol is now changed from the ‘hand’ to the ‘middle finger’,” Mr Gandhi himself announced at a press conference post the meeting.

A loud cheer was heard from the masses collected there. Many of the supporters (and the opposition members) together raised their middle fingers. This became a sort of celebration for both. Especially for the aam aadmi who felt that raising the middle finger for (or against) Congress was more acceptable to them than actually vote for them.

“But before we could slap them assuming the hand as the symbol,” a disillusioned Mrs. Dixit spoke.

Suddenly seeing that the people gathered there are not leaving and a humble Mrs. Dixit is not asking them stay back seered Gandhi’s spirits further more. And for the first time without a paper or pen or prompters he started to cheer with the crowd.

“Middle finger shows the true colors of our party! We have been with you always. And now our middle finger which in the past was their in your life without any mention will now be present visibly! All these years we felt strange to be working in the dark not letting out voters know our real intentions. We felt it was incorrect and also unethical. But now I can finally say that our election symbol truly shows our real intentions,” an almost jubilant Gandhi screamed.