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Congress calls for an emergency parliamentary session ; MPs asked to concentrate on new areas for scams

12, Nov 2012 By baklol

Almost a METRO CITY called Delhi:  Congress President, Sonia Gandhi called for an emergency parliamentary session. The reason for this session is really serious, Mrs Gandhi believes that MPs are being very unintelligent in repeating scams in similar areas which is resulting in a national issue. The issue of naming scams; it is becoming difficult by the day to name scams to maintain its identity. Taking a clue from Taare Zamee Par, Mrs Gandhi said “Like every child, every scam is special”.

She also quoted great innovations in this field by notable scam leaders like Laaloo Prasad Yadav ji. She said (like a typical teacher) “It is not that all MPs are irresponsible, we have examplrery leaders like Laaloo ji who created a scam out of nothing ie. Fodder Scam. Look how easy it would have been to name this scam; also the individuality of scam is established by such efficient scamsters”.

BJP also could agree more and showed their commitment by banging tables. (In an unrelated news ‘Banging’ tables reminded all about Abhishek Manu Singhvi)