Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Congress argues "If not in opposition means, we didn't lose election at all!"

27, May 2014 By Sarcasm

After dreadful defeat in LS2014 election, Congress spokesperson has claimed that they didn’t lose the election at all. Teaching the new logic to people,  acknowledging the fact that they may not get the chance of being an opposition, they claimed “If we are not in opposition means, we didn’t lose the election at all.”

“We are changing our policies, trying to empower our MALs.” Later they revealed their after election policies.

Arun Jaitly replied to this, claimed, “It’s a nice way of running from so called Historic defeat.”

When contacted Rahul Gandhi, he said “We worked hard, even we acted like a family, not a Party!” Whereas Manmohan Singh remain sulked on this issue as usual.

When tried to reach Kapil Sibbal, who was responding each move of Narendra Modi on TV during the election, was unavailable at that time.

When contacted Arvind Kejriwal, on his party’s performance, he denied to say anything about the election and just was very sad that Media had not been responding  on their Dharna (Or Drama!), and other programs properly.