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Congress announces revamp with an eye to win 2014 elections

16, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

With the fortunes of the Congress party sliding faster than the INR, a major revamp—hailed as Kamaraj Plan2.0 was announced today. Dr.MMS and Mr.PC will be relieved of their Ministerial responsibilities to enable them to devote their skills and expertise to revitalize the INC.

Addressing a Press conference, Dr.MMS and PC outlined their plan of action.

To start with FDI and FII will be allowed to invest in the INC. This will help reduce the CAD—Congress Accounts Deficit. The INC will also levy a service tax on all those who approach the High Command for services like permits, licenses, exemptions etc.

To secure the Congress from external attacks, Dr.MMS stressed the need for uninterrupted and uninterruptible dialogue with friendly parties like SP,BSP,DMK, RJD etc. This full security act will cover 80% of Indian Political class and will be inclusive.

PC reeled out statistics to show how 40 % of political parties have been lifted out of poverty line in the past 10 years through 2G, Coal. Mining, Land and other essential needs for their long term survival and health. He also added that the IT act will be amended suitably to cover donations to political parties. All donations above Rs. 12 will be strictly through cash and donations below and upto Rs.12 will be in the form of Chawal,Dal, Sambar and Sabzi pieces.

The CBi act will be amended to insulate politicians and political parties form RTI (Right to Investigate) and RTE (Right to Exemptions).