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Congress announces H1B Visa for software engineers as part of its election campaign

01, May 2014 By effusion

In a new twist to the thrilling election battle, Congress seems to be gaining support from the software engineering fraternity of the country.

If the opinion polls are anything to go by, the Congress is staring at a humiliating defeat. With the writing almost on the wall, and Jayalalithaa about to sing, the Congress has played its master-stroke.

In an all new political rhetoric aimed at influencing the software engineering vote bank of the country, the Congress has promised on site opportunities for software engineers.

With the amount of onsite opportunities reducing drastically, the Congress sees this as an ideal opportunity to regain a few lost votes and influence the youth of this country. They have changed their election slogan to “Har pet Pizza Har haath Visa”.

If brought back into power the Congress promises to implement RAGA –> Rajiv Gandhi American Visa Guarantee Act , which is Rahul Gandhi’s brainchild . The Act will ensure reservations in visa slots for IT employees and will ensure “2 out of 1” software employees get their H-1B Visa.

When Faking News contacted Congress leader Kapil Sibal, he launched a scathing attack on Modi.

Har pet Pizza Har haath Visa

He told, “Can Modi ji promise onsite opportunities for the IT engineers of the country. He himself could not get an US onsite for over 9 years, and has been project lead of a small module, Gujarat, how can he get  H-1B  visas for the youth of this country.”

Congress has gone on to claim that Rahul Baba and Sonia Madam have considerable onsite experience. The whole world can vouch for Rahul Baba’s onsite stints, especially the ones he has to make regularly for his Swiss Banking client.

Riding this new wave of support Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha, claimed that “The Global Delivery Model” which most IT companies follow, is in fact the Congress’s contribution to India. He claimed that Rahul Baba has championed the global delivery model and whenever the country faces a grave crisis Rahul Baba’s adept handling from an onsite location is testimony to that.

Manish Tewari of the Congress felt, an onsite opportunity is needed for the holistic development of an individual. Modi’s obscurantist regressive views have prevented him from getting a onsite opportunity.

With phase 4 elections round the corner, this campaign seems to have stuck a chord with the youth of the country, specially the youth of Andhra who comprise the majority of the  NRI population.

Ram Thumulla, an Infosys employee whose purpose in his life, is to make the hallowed onsite trip  for which he has been waiting for 4 long years, was moved by this promise. He has promptly switched over from the Modi camp in the hope that is Visa gets processed.

When Faking News contacted Ram he said, “With single digit Pay hikes and double-digit inflation it has been difficult to make both ends meet. My bank account is as blank as Uday Chopra’s expressions. This promise of an onsite is my only hope.” Many others like Ram are making the switch over from the Modi Camp to get their “Great American” dream fulfilled.

Last heard the tech–savvy crowd in Bangalore who were too busy on Twitter on election day, to cast their vote are also  demanding a re-poll as they were not aware of this campaign by the Congress.