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Congress and Omar want to amend Article 370 for Robert Vadra to buy Land in J&K

03, Dec 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

Yesterday Narendra Modi addressed huge rally in Jammu and spoke about Article 370 of the constitution. As we know NaMo is known as trend/debate ‘setter’. Whatever he speaks during his rallies has always become the debate topic across the national and regional parties. This time the topic is Article 370.

Robert Vadra now king of J&K as well?

“There are several clauses under Article 370 but one of the clause is: Only the permanent resident of J&K is eligible to buy the land in the state. So simple, resident of Dilliwalla, mumbaiwalla can’t buy the land in our state and this gives us extra security to J&K and we are proud of it,” NC leader expressed his love for the state.

When asked is this clause not the hindrance in the development of J&K, he said, “Not at all. In fact state is developing more because of this clause. Businessman like Ratan Tata, Narayana Murthy, Ambani etc can’t  buy the land in J&K and so our state will always remain famous for providing government-aided jobs (condition apply) for the state people. As you know private sector is always risky and thanks to this clause that we are able to provide job security to J&K people.”

Inspired by NaMo’s speech, chief minister Omar Abdullah has shown some interest to amend the Article 370. He may change the land clause only and other clauses will remain as it is.

In response to why are you interested to amend the land clause only, he replied, “As you know, land is like diamond for everyone and it is considered as the best investment. But people should be intelligent and land enthusiasts like Robert Vadra to gain double profit out of small investment in land.”

“Does that mean you will amend Article 370 for Robert Vadra only?” Fakingnews reporter asked.

“Yes, you can say like this. We are in coalition with Congress party both in state and center and I want to strengthen our relation with them. As you know Robert Vadra is already in the list of top dignitaries of India who are exempt from airport frisking. Can’t we do land small favor to him in our state?  So, you can say Article 370 will make our state more special with this new clause only for Robert Vadra. This makes him most private citizen of India,” CM expressed his loyalty towards Congress.

Rahul Gandhi is very happy when he came to know that Omar Abdullah showed his interest to amend Article 370 only for brother-in-law.

“Omar and I are very good friends. We have been visiting lot of our constituencies together since we’ve joined the politics. My bother-in-law is madly in love with land and I think it would be the best gift by Omar to him. I am really grateful to God that I’ve friend like Omar,” Rahul Gandhi expressed his eternal friendship with Omar.