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Congress and AAP to protest outside Cartoon Network India's office

29, Jun 2015 By dtrancemaniac

Tired of the current cartoons aired these days across Kids Channels in India, which he thinks are nonsensical and stupid when compared with the cartoons which were aired in earlier days, Rahul Gandhi has requested Arvind Kejriwal and his partymen to support him for a series of protests outside Cartoon Channels’ offices, starting with Cartoon Network India’s office.

According to RaGa (Rahul Gandhi), the quality of Cartoons these days have highly degraded. He remembered the days when Hanna Barbera cartoons ruled across the nation.

Old stars at ‘original Cartoon Network’s’ funeral.

“Flintstones! Jetsons! Swat Kats! Captain Planet! These shows were a class apart! They provided real entertainment! Remember PowerPuff Girls? It promoted Women Empowerment! Name a show in today’s kids channels that promotes it. None! The quality of content in kids channels has degraded lke anything. Japanese cartoons have taken over,” said Rahul in a fiery tone.

“Well, Dragon Ball Z was an exception though because of its genre,” he continued with a bit of thought.

RaGa also told about Disney’s cartoons like Alladin, Talespin, Gummy Bears, and the likes. “My servant once spotted me watching Chhota Bheem at home, immediately after which he tweeted about it, and it became viral throughout the world. The fact is, it was the first and the last episode I saw, because I was just trying to analyze the kind of cartoon being aired. Doraemon? Ninja Hattori? Kochikame? Are these good cartoons? These are spoiling the minds of our nation’s upcoming generation of people,” explained Rahul.

“Shinchan is good though. I relate my childhood with it,” he continued with a little embarrassment.

Rahul is very keen to protest against these channels to bring the old content back to the current generation of kids. He is hopeful of the success of protests with Arvind Kejriwal’s support.

“Apart from his high intellect, Arvind Kejriwal is also known for his Dharna skills. It’s been more than 3 years and we are well aware of the impact of his dharnas, and I am sure it will help us too,” told RaGa to our FN reporter.

“‎I have spent my Childhood watching Nickelodeon programs. What mind-blowing content they had! Amazing fiction shows, game shows, cartoons. Recently, once when I was flipping channels, I stumbled upon this ugly looking cartoon called Doraemon. And within 5 minutes in the show, I realized that the kids of this generation are at great danger. Something needs to be done so that they realize that we in our young age had a lot better childhood. We ought to protest,” Arvind Kejriwal added to the grief.

BJP has ordered armed forces to be lined up outside Cartoon Network India’s office to save the premise from any possible threat. Viacom18’s Nickelodeon and Hungama TV also have enforced high security with BJP’s help.