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Congress accuses voters of cheating them after they took free liquor and voted for others

09, Dec 2013 By Shikhar Gupta

Congress tried to file cases against 63.5 lac voters in New Delhi after the election results claiming that the party was explicitly cheated by the corrupt voters who took free liquor and didn’t vote for Congress. The cases were filed in various courts across the state but due to lack of required stationery only 96 cases could be filed, told the faking news reporter.

On this matter, Sheila Dixit told media that these voters were provided 360 ml(addha) of English liquor each along with 50 gram peanuts few days before the elections but they have completely betrayed the party. She demanded that there should be a fair and transparent system of voting where every voter who takes free liquor is bound to vote for that party and no voter is eligible to take liquor from more than 1 party.

Party’s old faithful, Shri Digvijay Singh has put forward a proposal of bringing Votepal Bill where by any voter would be answerable to the politicians after casting his/her vote. The bill is supposed to bring complete transparency to the voting system and pave a stable way for getting returns on investments made during elections. Supporting the proposal, Manu Sighvi has announced that if the Votepall Bill was not passed, they would go for indefinite hunger strike (Anshan) at Jantar Mantar.

When asked about matter, some of the aam aadmees replied the following:

Girish, The Carpenter (if you can connect to Rahul baba’s rare speech) said that he had full faith in the current voting system and the anshan would be a flop.

Monu (some random guy) said that the bill extremely diminishes the power of voters and would put the privileged citizens of India under the control of politicians.

Dhunki said that she collected 103 liters of free liquor from various candidates and sold it to earn for her poor family. If Votepall Bill gets passed, she would have no means to live a respectable life.

The congress spokesperson, Shakeel Ahmad said that the situation in the country has become totally intolerable where the voters have no credibility left and after casting their votes, they forget the promises made before the elections.

Expressing this concern he also said that Shri Rahul Gandhi is the most appropriate candidate for PM in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Adding to this random statement, Rajiv shukla said “I am confident of congress’s victory in the 2014 general elections under the leadership of Shrimati Sonia ji and Rahul ji”.