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Congress accepts defeat, blames misleading opinion poll conducted by Youth Congress

08, Dec 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: After ignoring Anna Factor, AAP factor, Anti-Corruption wave, Modi wave and public sentiments for quite some time, congress has finally accepted that the defeat in Delhi Elections was their own fault. However Congress has refused to concede that Rahul Gandhi once again failed to deliver. High command has pointed out that it was fault of opinion polls conducted by Youth Congress workers two weeks before the polls. The said opinion poll had predicted land slide victory for Congress.

The congress party happy to have found something to blame their defeats on.
The congress party happy to have found something to blame their defeats on.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ had a chat with Ajay Maken after election results were out and he was candid & honest in admitting that it was party’s faults which lead to such result. Prima fascia I would say our opinion poll went horribly wrong. Opinion poll predicted victory for Congress. We reported back the same to high command and everybody got convinced that Rahul Gandhi is going to sweep Delhi when the election results are announced. So we went in party mode and decided to sit back and relax during last 2 days of campaign while Kejriwal and Modi were campaigning in full flow.

But how the opinion poll can go so wrong, asked Shaitaan Khopdi™. Maken clarified what actually happened. When our Youth Congress representative asked voters “Kisko vote doge?” people replied “AAP ko”. Representatives got ecstatic “Are wah humko doge? kya baat hai!!! Thank you so much” and they left happily. Imagine working with such an idiots day in day out. But I would not blame them. These opinion polls are never accurate. Congress has always been against the very idea of opinion. In fact we also suggested EC to ban polls itself. When whole world knows that great leaders are born (in Gandhi Family) then why spend so much of tax payer’s money in elections every 5 year?

We asked if High Command will finally look towards any other leader to deliver goods for Congress. Maken became philosophical “Life is a teacher and we all are its student. What happens when you make spelling mistake in class? Teacher asks you to keep writing the same word until you get it right. Rahul ji is no exception. We have still not given up hopes on him, he will get it right sooner or later. That’s why Jairam Ramesh had already said Rahul will be around even if Cong loses. Let me tell you that Party is standing firmly behind Rahul Baba’s back.”