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Congress-AAP deal exposed

27, Mar 2014 By visshu

New Delhi: Since December, BJP has been claiming that there’s a deal between AAP and Congress but every time they were asked to produce proofs for it, they failed.


Today, this deal got exposed and it was exposed by neither Media nor BJP but by Kapil Sibal himself. Sibal is contesting Lok sabha election from Chandni chowk seat and writing his own slogans for his campaigning.

And these slogans have exposed this secret alliance cum deal between APP and Congress.

Sibal’s slogans are revealing the plans and promises between AAP+Congress – One slogan is revealing their plan of action- Woh Shor Machaye (AAP) … Hum Kaam Karein (Congress)-> AAP KA APNA SIBAL..

Then other slogan featuring another promise between two parties, it is indicating Keriwal’s latest political status- Majboor Hue Tum (AAP)… Samaj Gye Hum (Congress)…-> AAP KA APNA SIBAL..

And another slogan is an open proof of their alliance- Saath Nibhao… Haath Milao … -> AAP KA APNA SIBAL..

When our reporter, Nasht Dimaag Aadmi (NDA) tried to approach Kejriwal and Sibal for their final comments. Our reporter was told that Sibal is not available for meida comments but the loud music of -> ‘BROOM MACHALE’ was coming out of his house while Kejriwal’s PA told our reporter NDA –“Saahib k Haath mein dard hai aaj nhi milenge”.