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Congress 5 point agenda - Piggy Chops on the menu

27, Dec 2013 By Albert Lobo

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra (Piggy Chops as she is fondly called) is being roped in by the Congress party to boost their chances of impressing public & winning seats in the upcoming 2014 elections as per the story making rounds in Mumbai political & filmy circles.

After the Nov’13 elections, where Congress lost in 4 of the 5 contested states, the Congress high-powered think-tank came together for an emergency meeting earlier this month to analyze the possible causes for this debacle and has come up with a 5-point agenda on changing the image of the party and improving their standing for the new year.

One of the top agenda items during the meeting was about the lack of attendees for their election morchas & rallies which were lack luster compared to the campaigning by their opponents and the new-found fear of voting public forgetting the Congress party altogether in the coming elections.

Due to this, the high-powered committee has recommended to bring in some of the entertainment divas into the party campaign for 2014 so that the audience will be entertained as well as their attention can be grabbed for conveying the necessary message across in a timely &  remember able manner.

There were other proposals like using the television medium to reach out to audiences by sponsoring prime-time shows like Mahabarat & BiggBoss which would cater to all – covering audiences of all age groups across the length and breadth of the country, producing movies with high-profile star cast under the congress productions banner & slotting congress concept & ideology into upcoming blockbuster movies, but were discarded due to non-availability of adequate branding and marketing support and possible negative impact, especially around the concept & ideology part, at the moment for the party with such initiatives.

However, the suggested ideas are being kept under consideration for implementation at a later point with a current focus on starting with Bollywood starlets and gradually expand into electronic media & cinema for branding support.

As per the decision on the branding quotient improvement agenda, Priyanka Chopra is being brought into party campaigns from 2014. The high-powered Congress committee wanted to gift the public in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan – states where the party image has stooped to new lows post elections – with a new year visual treat of scintillating performance shows by Priyanka and other Bollywood starlets on 29th, 30th & 31st December. However, due to prior commitments by Priyanka for her high-earning dance shows planned for the new-year in Dubai, London & New York, the plans have been postponed to the New Year.

The current plan for these entertainment shows, called as “Naya Daur”, is expected to kick-start on Jan 14th in Hyderabad and Vijayawada as a Sankranti gift to the Andhra people, followed by 3 shows in Karnataka (locations to be finalized) and 5 shows in Maharashtra (locations to be finalized). Round-2 is expected to cover the northern region of the country with up to 24 shows planned across the states in February.

Details on the other 4 agenda items are yet being worked out and is expected to be finalized before mid of January prior to the announcement of the “Maha Sangram 2014”, to counter the namo-mania and mango-republic frenzy which is basking in glory currently, during the launch of the “Naya Daur” initiative.