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Cong Leader blames Chhota Bheem cartoon for their LS debacle, later suspended

03, Jun 2014 By bhatiakshay

Former Congress leader Mr Pogo, who had demanded ban on Chhota Bheem cartoon for resulting in part’s worst-ever performance has been suspended by the state Congress Committee.

Mr Pogo, triggered outrage within the party by blaming Chhota Bheem for the party debacle. Mr Pogo, while speaking to reporters yesterday, blamed Chhota Bheem and his for the Congress’ debacle in the Lok Sabha polls.

“Chhota Bheem character should resign from the cartoon network. He should not continue. If he doesn’t resign voluntarily, he should be sacked. His crazy activities, his joker-like behaviour, and his association with right wing cartoon characters like Pokémon were the primary reasons why the Congress suffered very badly in the elections. It had a very negative effect on our Rahul Baba.

Party spokesman Sanjay Jha had condemned the remarks, insisting that they were made “out of frustration,” and cautioned the media against showing such statements. “This is very sad. I condemn this,” he said earlier today.

As the Congress introspects, Mr Pogo wants to put more onus on cartoons like Chacha Chaudhary for preparing the party’s revival roadmap. “Chacha Ji’s cartoon series should be shown to our Rahul Baba. Chacha Ji’s brain runs faster than the computer and he even has Sabu, a Jupiter resident, who can provide necessary escape velocity to our leadership. Only his cartoons can revive and rejuvenate the party,” he argued.

But senior Congress leader and former union minister PC disagreed. “I do not agree with what a senior leader said about our Baba,”. On the demand to make Chacha Chaudhary as lead carton character, he said, “I also say that Chacha Ji should come. But let Baba decide. I was the one who kept demanding about Chhota Bheem’s cartoon. Once it entered, the first election results were not as expected. But we recovered in the next one. So let’s not evaluate on just one election.”