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Confusion on Rahul Gandhi's Return at Delhi Airport

15, Apr 2015 By samy

New Delhi: After the Congress Party has officially announced that Vice President would address a farmers rally in Delhi this Sunday, there has been huge speculation on the scheduled arrival of the Gandhi scion. This is more since no one seems to know where Rahulji is returning from and therefore which flight he is expected to be on.

There have been instructions to workers to give a rousing welcome to the future leader of the Grand Old Party of India. This has put the workers in a quandary. But it is imperative to do so. They are now taking advantage of the Delhi Governments order that no unauthorized structures would be demolished.

Crowd getting out of control to see the 8th Wonder of the World
Crowd getting out of control to see the 8th Wonder of the World called Rahul Gandhi

There have been huts that have sprung up near the Delhi International Airport. Each of these huts is inhabited by a few congress workers. They take turns to be near the airport and spend remaining time at home. This is in the true spirit of a team. Everytime a fight is due for arrival, the congress workers run towards the arrival terminal, and wait for all passengers to leave.

On commitment of anonymity, a worker told this reporter “We were expecting Rahulji to arrive by BA257 that arrives from Heathrow at 8:20 am. But he wasnt one of the passengers. So now we had breakfast and waited for the CI 072 from Rome that arrives at 9:55 am. The next international flight is the M172 from KL. However, since Rahulji is superstitious he might not travel by the Malaysian Airlines. So we might again assemble to welcome him on the AI 333 from Bangkok due to arrive at around 12 noon”.

To manage the crowds the Authorities have put up barricades so that the crowds can be controlled. This has led to a spurt in business for flower vendors. They have been asked to deliver fresh set of flowers for each flight arrival. A representative of Bouquet King, a leading supplier of flowers in the capital told this reporter “We have strict instructions that only fresh and best quality flowers have to be offered to Rahulji. Since morning we have supplied flowers 3 times. In fact, our manager has rented an ac car so that flowers can be delivered from the offices to the airport for any number of times in the day.”

Given this kind of a buzz it would be really a let down if Rahulji does not arrive today.