Friday, 20th April, 2018

Confused by Modi Kejri clash on channels, man turned on Facebook debate

22, Apr 2014 By aatmano1

Java Singh(actually Jeevan singh) who has been a breath supplier of different codes to a lesser known IT company got some time to visualize what is his country syntaxing now a days.

His eyes were almost rotten like egg salad when he saw the man whom he cheered and gossiped about two years ago in Ramlila maidan with Anna Hazare is blatantly firing on core issues of  India. He immediately called his flatmate Sandeshnath, a coworker and a great messenger of anti corruption crusade and lighten him up to speak against so called devils in politics. Sandeshnath, who is a renowned critic of all but KejriJi started vandalizing the grand old main stream parties like an airstrike of 9/11 attack which java singh left no other option but to login again(which he signed off just 10 mins ago) to facebook.

He clicked on write post and almost after 9 months of Vanvaas, wrote something analytical,” Should India have a Premier with Anti corruption and protest driven  persona or India needs a har har development ghar ghar development strategy.” I need genuine comments only, he added. And here is the analogy of research(comments) he faced.

Serious pratap singh: I understand the situation our citizens(netizens) are facing in this election season. The adoration you inherited from your family towards a particular party is a different propaganda. But do not be a part of anomalous group who are trying to make this important elections anti philistinism.

Humnhisudhrenge: Dude, chill pill. I can understand, you are not getting any coding(development work) from your company, get some! by the way we are planning for Captain America this evening, are you in.

Fastfriend: Trust can be built only by showing the results. Suppose, you have given board exams and you were failed. Do anybody even in your family gonna believe in your capabilities. Our man has shown the results, he is a firm believer of hard work. our country has been made fool for long enough but not this time. we need the ground work, broad roads, 247 electricity, safety and security not false promises or protests.

Serious pratap singh: @Fastfriend we are the citizens of a country which provide us the right to speak, right to express and right to protest. our constitution was made for the people of  India not for the politicians of India. If I start speaking about history, Mahatma Gandhi our rashtrapita paved us a way to condemn the wrong deeds. Satyagraha, Leave India are just the examples of his polite way to protest, to fight for our rights. someone was needed the most at this juncture, and he has come forward to protest anytime, anywhere.

Humnhisudhrenge: @Fastfriend thats why your dad did not give you bajaj Pulsar after 10th board exams. LOL!

BigJava singh: rightly said bro! I agree.

Java singh: @Humnhisudhrenge please stop diverting this discussion. comment only if you have anything relevant.

Humnhisudhrenge: @Java singh you know who are the real culprits of this dooming economy, We. we go to news channels, talk a lot during our lunch breaks, post like a warrior on facebook to show like we care. do we have actual scenario of how these political parties make money on these extravaganza election rallies, how poor people bribed in remote areas to vote for a party or do we really care how many of us or people around us go to voting actually. we can only bark!

Phirmilenge: @Humnhisudhrenge Dude, mind boggling indeed! by the way I have some of our hilltop pics on my digicam, remember our short trip to Shimla on election week!