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Condemnation list for Manmohan Singh released

06, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

UPA has already drafted the points on which Manmohan Singh will strongly condemn. The list is as following:

  • Remake of Zanzeer Movie
  • BCCI Marketing Strategy for Sachin’s 200th Test Match
  • Uday Chopra’s Troll on Twitter
  • SRK and Salman Khan’s Twitter Fight
  • 2002 Gujarat Riots  (That is always in the List. Please don’t remove from the List).
  • NDA Policies since its Foundation.

    MMS with the list in hand.

UPA Spokesperson discloses the above list to our reporter. By reading the list reporter got surprised and asked “What about Chinese Intrusion and Economy crisis?”

“Good Question. Those points are like staple food for our party. If he won’t condemn Chinese Intrusion and Rupee falling then he does not deserve to be PM of India. That’s why he is condemning it on Daily basis. But we’ve decided to condemn Economy crisis and Chinese Intrusion on frequency based. May be 4 hrs of frequency a day.” he replied.

“We believe by increasing the frequency of condemnation we would be able to put pressure on Chinese Army and they will definitely release the occupied land in Ladhak. This is our Strategy. We came up with strategy with our own Think Tank Team. Finger crossed and hope for best,” he added further.