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Complete #AshuCries video to be included into acting curriculum by National School of Drama

25, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mandi House, New Delhi: Visiting faculty for performance-arts at National School of Drama Mrs. Bakul Nandargi has declared that complete footage of senior AAP leader Ashutosh crying on national television would be included into a 10 lecture and 5 practical curriculum and will be taught at NSD. Mrs. Nandargi who is also associate dean of dramatic affairs at NSD is an eminent theatre personality and is a PhD in “Stage arts and Writing” from Tisch School of the Arts, New York.

Talking to reporters Mrs. Nandargi was all praising for Ashutosh’s acting skills, “This may not be the first time someone cried on national television, but the passion, the sense of guilt and above all the whole “Phoot phoot kar ro padna” feeling which Mr. Ashutosh was able to bring to the whole act left immense impact on the audience.”, Nandargi said.

When asked on what were the specific traits of the video because of which it was inculcated into the curriculum, Mrs. Nandargi provided further details:

“Ashu ji’s dialogue delivery and clarity of words was impeccable throughout the act. Even though he was crying profusely but each and every syllable of what he said came out perfectly clear and audible. His whole act could be divided into 3 phases:

Students are expected to show a blockbuster acting, after watching the video
Students are expected to show a blockbuster acting, after watching the video

  • Build Up (The Pledge): When he was about to cry he gave clear indications, but audience didn’t know that he would actually cry, but he did. He established himself and AAP as an ordinary thing during this part. A very strong opening by all theatrical standards
  • Main Performance (The Turn): Spoke clearly about congress, BJP controversy, tried to clean his own name, his party’s name, delivered well thought-out, rehearsed phrases, some of which were unique, some were repetitive. One could also note emphasis on “hum Qaatil nahi hain” kind of phrases. All in all well executed, turned the whole ordinary thing into something extraordinary, a heartfelt passionate cry in front of the whole world.
  • Smooth Finish (The prestige): The finish part of the act may seem very simple but was actually the best. It wasn’t sudden but was tapered to avoid any attention. He allowed others to speak while making nasal sounds and wiping his tears, amidst a slow fading sound of cry. Brought himself back from extraordinary to the ordinary again. Can you really point out the exact moment when he stopped crying? No. Very elegant, beautifully planned and executed.
  • Generally we theater people take months practicing and rehearsing such performances, but he did all this within a span of few hours, that is really commendable. All our students ought to learn from him to take their performances to a next level.”, Nandargi concluded.

    While it is also being rumored that Ashutosh has been nominated as best supporting actor in a lead role by Indian Television Academy Awards under reality TV category, he may also be nominated for best impromptu performance on television by Actors’ Guild of Great Britain.

    Ashutosh has also reportedly received hefty pay-check offers to teach acting at leading performance-arts schools across Asia-Pacific, but none of them has been able to match his current compensation package at AAP.