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Coming up: Chhota Bheem Mega Food Park

15, May 2015 By samy

The Shaktimaan Mega Food Park to be started at Amethi has been in the news lately. There has been a furor in the Lok Sabha why the project was shelved and who was responsible for it. Amidst all this, there has been a lot of back room discussions on this front.

The Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi represents Amethi in the Lok Sabha. His group of advisors have come up with a new theory on why the project failed to take off. On condition of anonymity one of the closest advisors of the Congress leader gave an exclusive interview to this reporter.

Reporter (R): What is the discussion about cancellation of the Food Park Project centering around?

Advisor (A): Actually everyone feels that Shaktimaan is an old character. The character was played by Mukesh Khanna who is now over his best before date. Older characters might not work for a project as modern as a Mega Food Park. Plus Shaktimaan as a character was never known for his prowess at consumption of food. So there was no connect between the character of the Super Hero Shaktimaan and the concept of a Mega Food Park.

R: So what do you feel is the way out

A: There are some options being worked out. But keeping in mind the favourite past time of Mr. Gandhi, we are looking at other Super Heros to name the project after.

Chhot Bheem Mega Food Park in Amethi: Visionary Rahul Gandhi
Chhot Bheem Mega Food Park in Amethi: Visionary Rahul Gandhi

R: What are the options that are short listed?

A: Well there is Hrithik Roshans Krrish. But Rahulji has never been able to spell it correctly. If the Mega Food Park is named after Krrish then it might be difficult for our popular MP to talk about his favourite project during political rallies. Plus the character is owned by Rakesh Roshan and they seem to be charging an astronomical amount for the rights to use the name

Doraemon might be used. But its a Japanese character. We should ideally choose a local home grown character. Also our PM has a close relationship with the Japanese premier. As a result it might end up sending a wrong message to the electorate.

(Some one from behind then reminded the advisor that Doraemon is also not a super hero and Rahulji wanted a super hero to replace Shaktimaan)

A: (continuing) In all likelihood the super hero character after whom the Mega Food Park would be named is Chhota Bheem. Firstly Chhota Bheem is one of the favourite characters of the Congress VP. He tends to associate his character with that of Chhota Bheem.

Chhota Bheem is a strong person and symbolises the victory of Good over Evil. Plus Chhota Bheem has a close connection with Food. In keeping with the theme of Chhota Bheem, the grapevine suggests that the first plant that would be inaugurated would be the Laddoo Manufacturing Unit.

Talks are on with the owners of the Chhota Bheem Brand for association with it. The deal and announcement is likely to happen soon and the Chhota Bheem Mega Food Park is likely to be relaunched in the next six months.

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