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Coming Soon: A political Bingo to hold crowds during Rahul Gandhi’s rallies

30, Jan 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: After watching Rahul Gandhi talk about RTI, Women Empowerment and other political jargons during the interview with Arnab Goswami, Congress PR agencies have come up with the idea of holding Bingo (Housie) full of political jargons.


This game called ‘Yawning RaGa‘ will be played during Rahul’s public rallies and will help to keep the public engaged and avoid them from yawning.

Talking exclusively to Faking News, the PR expert told “We took lesson from his Delhi rally where public started leaving even before Rahul Gandhi could say ‘RTI’. This time we plan to reward those who stay seated and pay attention to every word”.

In a quick chat, PR agency head told us “In the public and media interaction there are certain words (such as RTI, Women empowerment, Manufacturing, Mummy, Dadi, Papa)he always uses irrespective of the topic of discussion. So we created a Bingo format which includes these words. We will give 1 ticket to each person who attends his rally. Once Mr. Gandhi starts speaking, people will have to keep looking for the jargon in their Bingo ticket and strike off the words spoken by Rahul. As soon as middle or bottom row fills ticket holder will stand up and shout Empowerment !!!”. When Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked why only Middle and Bottom row, why not Top row, he told “To understand this, you need to understand how Congress works.  How Congress works is that, in Congress top place is always reserved for Gandhi’s, Nehru’s and Vadra’s. Only Mrs Gandhi, Priyanka Maam, Jija ji and their Kids can claim top row”.

‘Hasiba Amin’ a young and dynamic party supporter, who is one of the very few real people benefited during UPA rule by featuring in Bharat Nirman Ad, has welcomed the idea. She quoted ‘See this is the kind of Nayi Soch and Yuva Josh I was talking about in the ads’.  While other parties charge people for Rs 5, we are giving free entry and a bingo tickets in our rally.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked the PR agency what is going to be the prize for winners. The agency told that winners will get a chance to feature in Bharat Nirman Ad. These ads are intended to show the real beneficiaries of UPA rule. We are also considering the idea of Mr. Gandhi personally going to their houses and have a meal with them.

After this news got leaked, BJP has announced that it will set up NaMo Tea stalls outside the venue of Congress rallies and will give free tea to the Bingo winners.