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College student to plan dharna on being blocked by Arvind Kejriwal

15, May 2017 By Piyush Samsukha

Kolkata. Devdant, a college student is planning to sit on a Dharna following Kejriwal’s action of blocking him on Facebook. The happy go lucky boy’s ambition to become a successful commentator on social media was brought to an abrupt and unruly halt when he was blocked by his idol Arvind Kejriwal.

A staunch follower of Subramanian Swamy, Devdaant used the intensely popular social website to gain popularity by asking questions to politicians and celebrities alike. When we contacted Devdaant he had this to say: “This is unacceptable and a sign of intolerance towards information seekers. All I asked him was that yeh EVM toh Palika Bazar me bhi mil raha tha”.

Mind you! He is on Dharna on his room's window
Mind you! He is on Dharna on his room’s window

Our special correspondent has found out that this method of shutting out the youth who wants answers to such hardcore actions has being going on quite some while now. “Rahul Gandhi, Modiji, yeh Sabji toh block karte hain. Phir humare saath hi aisa kyun. Yeh saajish hai ji saajish”, an AAP MLA, who wishes to remain anonymous but needs to be ‘trusted’ said.

Incidentally famed Bollywood actor Kamal Rashid Khan had this to say, “Even I block people but those people are two rupees people only. I revere people like Devdaant who stand up against these politicians on Facebook when boys his age are in CCD with their girlfriends.”

Devdaant has inspired more than 50 people to join the Dharna and most of them are his fellow Manchester United supporters who unanimously think this is campaign has more fire than current United team under Jose Mourinho.

But, there is also a faction which feels that this Dharna is unwarranted. The intellectual of the country want Devdaant to return back his class 6 bronze medal as a mode of protests. Also this Dharna will have restricted support in Delhi, as people are viewing the EVM high octane drama on their Facebook live stream.

The unflinching support of his college friends from St. Daybeers college has been compromised as the college authorities are not providing the protesters with attendance on missing college days. Pintu, the office staff came out saying that the college had to be attended and Dharna should be carried out after College Hours.

Meanwhile, Devdaant has made arrangements for 20 cans of beer and 10 kg of food for his fellow supporters to stay healthy and fit while he himself vows to go on a Fal-Aahar. His deputy Push has also made press contacts and informed that Dharna will not be over until kejriwal unblocks every single person on Facebook and Twitter and also pay Devdaant a settlement.