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Colgate website feels the axe of Government Censorship

22, Feb 2013 By Christiano Munniswamy

Bengaluru: The website belonging to Colgate Toothpaste was banned after a major mix-up in the Department of Communications and Information Technology.

Colgate Toothpaste

It all started when  Murugesha alias Gate Murugesha, a manufacturer of wrought iron gates, approached the High Court to block websites containing defamatory content which hurt his business. “Watergate, coalgate, porngate and now armsgate. When people start typing the name of my web page on Google, suggestions point at scams instead. People think Gate Murugesha is a scamster. I was even offered a JD(s) ticket to contest the next Lok Sabha elections”, he said, with tears in his eyes.

The High court found the internet guilty and decided to ban over 2 million websites containing defamatory content and face book profiles of 3 individuals who made fun of Gate Murugesha’s dressing sense. “I am not as liberal as Arindam Choudhry,” he said,” I will sue those who harm by business as well as those who make fun of my appearance.”

Super Block500, a blocking software developed by the Department of Communications and Information Technology, was used to block the URls. Due to a glitch in the software, sites mentioning India Gate and Colgate toothpaste were banned as well. This provoked widespread outrage in the media and added to the outrage of a previously outraged Arnab Goswami. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, accused Saffron groups of spread Terror as well as cavities among the aam admi.

Several Human rights groups and Colgate employees staged a dharna in front of  India gate which was dispersed by the police using water cannons and Tear gas. Three people were injured in the Police action.

The PM who was speechless with anger, summoned the Delhi Chief of Police and admonished him using firm facial expressions and waving his index finger. A sum of 50 lakhs was set aside as compensation for victims, using which, the government of New Delhi bought them a Hercules MTB bicycle.

Meanwhile, the employees of Colgate eagerly await the release of Super UnBlock500, the only software that can restore the blocked URLs.