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CNN IBN releases expected actions by PM aspirants if they win

25, Feb 2014 By billthelizard

CNN IBN channel recently did a research to find expected actions by PM aspirants of 2014 elections, if they become PM. We have managed to get a copy of research papers through reliable sources and here is a brief.

Jaya Lalitha:

  1. Inspired by AAP in Delhi, announces 7000L Sambar per Month.
  2. Will release her personal jewelry to save India if India is in Gold crisis.
  3. Converts all the Assembly buildings into Amma Bhavans for easy distribution of Sambar and Idly.

Arvind Kajriwal:

  1. Will give clean chit to Ambani and asks people in return for Proofs if they have any as he did with Sheila Dixit case.
  2. He will resign, do dharna demanding asian president elections to control China and Pakistan.


  1. Makes best chai maker competition official in all competitions to happen in India.
  2. Removes Indian visa fee for US citizens to make them stand in line for Indian Visa as he has promised earlier.

Rahul Gandhi:

  1. He won’t do anything, his mother will do everything.
  2. Will file an RTI to know who has voted to him.
  3. Will change his name to Rahul Hazare.

We will publish few more later.