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CM role beneath my dignity, PM is minimum, and even that is not enough: Kejriwal

17, Feb 2014 By rmantha

Arvind Kejriwal in a candid interview with Faking News, admitted that he has been really uncomfortable since he became Chief Minister of Delhi.


“My advisers have been saying, it is better to be thought incompetent at governance by the public, than to actually prove it by trying to govern Delhi as the CM.”

“I should have followed Rahul and Sonia ji’s trick of not actually holding any ministerial post, to avoid showcasing my administrative incompetence to the voters,” rued Kejriwal.  “In modern India, it is better to put a toothless crony in the PM or CM seat.  In the worst case scenario we can blame him and throw him to the dogs, and public won’t hold us accountable.”

Kejriwal also admitted that he was thinking about directly elevating himself to the position of Mahatma, a post that has been lying vacant since 1948.

“Today we know that real power lies not with CM or PM, but with the lady holding the remote control.  Who cares about all these posts?  Sonia has run the country for ten years from her home, but Mahatma Gandhi sat with a spinning wheel at Birla House and not even an ant moved in Delhi without checking with him.  That is real power!  We will install Yogendra Yadav as my own Nehru in Race Course Road, and we will hold the strings in a protest tent across the road.”

Yogendra Yadav, when asked for comment, paused and licked his lips.  “Mmmm, as long as I become PM, Arvind ji can call me anything, pet or puppet.”

“Mahatma Kejriwal has a nice ring to it.  In fact, why stop there, I like Parmatma Kejriwal even better,” said Yadav, as Kejriwal broke into a wide hairy grin, and sheepishly adjusted the woollen muffler tied around his head like a halo.