Friday, 20th April, 2018

Citizens protest as "Achche Din" was not delivered in 30 days

01, Jul 2014 By tanaypratap

The youth of our country who is used to “30 minutes or free” service is at unrest. Narendra Modi has completed 30 days forming the new government and still the “acche din” are nowhere to see.

hen asked about this, (on condition of his name getting printed) Raju said, “When dominos and pizza hut can deliver so many varieties of Pizza in 30 minutes why can’t Modi deliver Achche din in 30 days?!”

Facebook Janta (read: the people who are most concerned about our country) is using hashtags such as #ghantaachchedin for every price hike or reform decision Modi is taking to show their willingness to support change.

“Though 15% hike do not affect us much it affects the common people. We pay taxes (as if TDS gives you a choice!) and care a lot about common and poor people of India,” one IT professional said while buying groceries from Big Bazaar.

“People of India voted Modi to power with a hope that he will undo whatever damages were done to India’s economy in past 60 years of Congress’s rule in 30 days or even less. People feel cheated now!” read a Facebook post with a comment that read, “When Modi said “Acche din aane waale hai” we should have asked, “kab??”